I am trying to use the LIVE STREAMING feature, but…

Sigmondo technically supports video streams in the following formats:

  • HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), best recognized by the file extension “m3u8”,
  • YouTube live streams or
  • RTSP and other VLC-compatible streaming formats.

For example, use this:

You can search the web for “HLS” or/and “m3u8” combined with a keyword like sports or news or a name of a tv station to find URLs you might be able to use.

We added the possibility of using livestream videos from YouTube. Just enter the YouTube URL from your browser and Sigmondo will display the livestream at this address. Note: This is not available for non-live YouTube videos.
We also added more streaming formats like RTSP or other VLC-compatible sources. Think of a typical webcam stream from security cameras.