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  • Play media from Dropbox or OneDrive (Personal and Business)
  • Change logo and background image
  • Choose from different layouts (Classic Layout with one widgets and a bottom ticker, a Layout with two widgets, Plain fullscreen, fullscreen with ticker and fullscreen with a sidebar)
  • Automatic content updates
  • Choose from a variety of files and formats (videos, images, PDFs)
  • Bring in text from RSS or Atom feeds
  • Use a Twitter account in text widgets or the ticker
  • Use upcoming events from your Apple or Google calendar or any other compatible iCal URL you provide in all of our widgets.
  • Use a HLS or YouTube live stream or any other VLC-compatible format
  • Use a Timer widget that will count down/up from/to special events
  • Schedule a second playlist with different content (by time of day or alternating with the Default content)


Sigmondo gets your location and language information from the settings of your Apple TV. And it will show the current date and time, your location and weather forecast in that language. This is a really amazing feature!


Version 4.4

  • We fixed an issue with YouTube live streaming so that you can play your live streams from YouTube again.
  • We detect when a HDMI cable is pulled and plugged in again to restart the player.
    This issue caused videos to be paused by default and is now a thing of the past.
  • Under the hood we also did some code housekeeping to keep things smooth in the future.

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