WEATHER (and city) are missing

Sigmondo uses your location to get weather info

Sigmondo uses your current location to display weather information. The app gets your location by using the built-in location services of Apple TV. When you first start Sigmondo you are asked to allow access to these information.

If you have chosen to not allow access to your current location, you can change this by going into the settings of your Apple TV. Under Apps you’ll find Sigmondo. There you can change the location settings to While Using the App.

It is still not working

Please check the settings under GeneralPrivacyLocation Service and make sure that these services are ON in general.

Also make sure that there are no Restrictions in place (also under General) that could prevent getting your GPS location.

In very rare cases we had reports from customers that some routers or proxies in the network are blocking the location services from Apple TV.

And sometimes, a simple restart solves the problem.