What is the difference between the Default and the Schedule playlist?

The Default playlist is – as the name suggests – the playlist that is playing by default, without any further time settings or whatsoever.

There is an option to enable the second playlist, the Schedule playlist.

What can the Schedule playlist do?

The Schedule playlist can be used for alternative content that is played at a given period of time. Or you can use the alternating mode that plays both playlists in turns.

You will be able to use different images and videos for the Main Area, play another livestream or even choose a different logo for the Schedule playlist.

Where to enable it?

You will find it in the menu under the Playlist options. If you are inside of the menu of the Default playlist and want to go to the Schedule playlist, then make sure to have the selection on something on the left side and then press the menu button on the remote. You will now be able to choose from the Default or Schedule playlist.